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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Illegal Immigrant Nonsense
Did you guys see the protests the weekend? Basically, the US House passed a bill to enforce our immigration laws. I guess it pissed off all the illegals already here, so they started protesting for the right to break American laws.

Isn't it ironic that they are protesting legislation that would kick them out of this country by waving flags from the country that we would be sending them back to. If they love Mexico and their flag so much then they should go back. In any case, here it is...the top 10 reasons why illegals need to go back to their countries of origin and why we need to protect our border...
10. Too many are unwilling to learn English and integrate
9. Hispanics feel they have a right to be in the US. This puzzles me because I don't know if they realize they speak a European language. Also, a majority of people in South America are probably more white than they are Native American. It's like they look in the mirror and can't see the color of their own skin....or for that matter, look in a history book and learn how many millions of Europeans populated South America just as they did the US. In short, A LOT of them are just as European and African as the people in the US, but because they speak Spanish, they think it means they have a greater claim on the western hemisphere.
8. Mexico could stop immigration if they wanted to. In fact, they do stop it....on their southern border (meaning they stop poorer countries peasants from immigrating to their country). The reason they allow immigration to move from Mexico to the US is purely economic. First of all, they are getting rid of all their poorest citizens (essentially, the US is Mexico's welfare system. Not to mention, Mexicans send 15 billion dollars back to Mexico each year.
7. Mexico is not a poor country. The GDP per capita of Mexico is significantly higher than that of the world average and ranks near Russia in that economic category.
6. Many that cross the border illegally carry disease. This is a problem among illegals because they are not screened before entering the country. Avian flu is an example of a future concern that could be disasterous. TB is a real concern that already affects the US.
5. Despite misconceptions, illegals are not the backbone of the American economy. They inhabit a relatively small area of the country. States without illegals still have mowed lawns, clean houses, and fast food.
4. costs on education is huge. Illegals crowd the classroom and take resources away from people who are actually supposed to be here.
3. cheap labor undermines technological innovation.
2. the justice department estimates that 17% of the prisoners in the federal system are illegal. Not only does america suffer from the crime that these people commit, but they tie up the judicial system and crowd jails that already lack adaquate funding. This number is even worse when you consider that there are only 11 million illegals in the country. Basically, 4% of the population makes up 17% of the fed prison system. those are not good numbers. In case you are wondering, 17% of the federal prison budget is $1 billion
1. finally, if a random uneducated person can make it across the border, a terrorist trained to cross certainly could as well. There are already cases of people from the middle east crossing the border. thankfully, the ones caught were not terrorists. however, considering our governments current stance, we would most lilely not catch a terrorist trying to cross the border.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
is this a joke site?

Blogger Bryan Saxton said...
Haha. It must be.

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